Creating an IT Resume? Here Are Three Fresh Formats to Consider

For some job seekers, learning to summarize your skills and experience in a simple one-page resume format can be daunting. But if you’re an IT professional, it can be especially difficult to showcase your skills and technical expertise in a simple IT resume.

That’s why some technology professionals are considering a new IT resume format, “social resumes,” as a way to show employers what they can really do. To be clear, I’m not talking about networking via social media, but rather adapting your career application materials for online sites. Here are three examples:

  1. Twitter Resumes:  Can you accurately and professionally describe your qualifications in 140 characters or less? Absolutely! A Twitter resume might go something like this: “Web designing guru familiar with all the latest languages and platforms looking for a fast-paced firm. Learn more at”  Include a link to an online resume such as LinkedIn or your blog (another great way to showcase your talents!).
  2. QR Code Resumes: The square barcodes on ads everywhere are also making inroads in job hunting. This IT resume format is particularly attractive to tech professionals who want to show employers they’re up on the latest trends. Include one on your “traditional” IT resume that links the hiring managers to your online work samples or portfolio.
  3. Infographic Resumes:  An infographic resume is basically a visual snapshot of your qualifications. By including illustrations, charts, graphs and other visuals, you’re showcasing your work history while also giving employers a first-hand glance at your technical abilities.

It’s hard to imagine traditional resumes being completely replaced by new IT resume formats. That said, job search strategies are always changing, especially as new technologies are introduced. Still, before you submit a social resume in lieu of a traditional IT resume, make sure to consider your audience. An HR manager may not appreciate an infographic resume quite like the CIO might. Ever tried an innovative IT resume format? Let us know about it in the comments.

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