Conducting Interviews to Hire Top Developers

Finding a great developer candidate can be hard enough in a competitive market, but how about conducting interviews to hire the right one for your team?

To make sure the best developer is hired for the job, hiring managers need to ask questions that cover four key topics. Candidates' responses should help you identify your top choices and weed out the less qualified. A recent article on conducting interviews to hire your dream developer, by Robert Half Technology's senior executive director John Reed, offers some helpful insights on the topic. Reed suggests exploring four areas in the interviews:

  1. When did they begin learning code? Those who have been coding the longest -- and likely began when they were young -- are good candidates.
  2. Are they passionate about coding? You're seeking candidates with drive and a constant desire to update their skills. Software development is always evolving and you want someone who is excited to evolve with the field.
  3. Are they a good fit for the team? Is this a candidate who works well on a team, or prefers to work alone? Does he or she have the soft skills required to be successful in your culture? Technical skills are only one measure of a developer's success. Make sure the candidate has the skills in both realms.
  4. Assess their programming skills. Reed suggests some test questions, and that you have an in-house developer sit in on the process to evaluate the responses. (Your in-house developers may have some technical questions of their own.)

Making a bad hire is costly. Conducting an interview that thoroughly assesses a developer's fit for the job saves money and time. Do you have any developer hiring tips?