Common Issues Encountered With Visual Studio Team System

Common Visual Studio issues

Programming isn't done in a vacuum, so it's important for teams to leverage tools that can help to improve communication and collaboration throughout the software development life cycle (SDLC).

The Microsoft Visual Studio Team System is one example, but the technology can also present a few challenges. Here are some common issues with Visual Studio Team System deployments and tips for resolving them:

Installation issues

Just download and go, right? Not quite. Because the Microsoft Visual Studio Team System is an Agile development tool, it has to be compatible with all user and back-end systems, as well as client devices (if applicable). Visual Studio Team System must be integrated into the right version of the Team Foundation Server using the correct source control. Adding other capabilities, including the Team Test Load Agent, requires further integration on the back end in servers and on the front end in the Windows platform.

Testing ... testing ...

Testing your Visual Studio Team System is important, but in practice can be a pain. Common testing issues include creating a plan that doesn't reflect your requirements, having to redo testing steps, and not being able to review your results in the best way. 

Microsoft Developer Network comes through with a variety of ways to perfect your testing process. Here's one pro tip: Create shared steps to avoid having to enter the same sequences repeatedly in a manual test. (If testing continues to be a complicating factor, try these tips for optimizing Agile testing processes.)

Problems in action

An application flies on the strength of its code, and the Visual Studio Team System is not exempt from coding issues. You can improve the debugging cycle with a live debugging tool, and should invest in quality testing tools to ensure the application is performing as expected throughout the process. Code analysis tools can also uncover design and style issues that can lead to irritating software bugs. 

Microsoft Visual Studio Team System is a robust tool that can help decrease time to deployment and increase the quality of your SDLC. By following implementation protocols to the letter and applying the tips above, you can avoid being waylaid by common issues.

Have other tips for getting the most from the Visual Studio Team System? Share them in the comments. Looking for other ways to improve your SDLC? Read about six basic SDLC methodologies in this post from Robert Half Technology.