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Candidate Selection: Here's How to Narrow Your List to the Final Three

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The candidate selection process isn't easy — just ask those trying to fill in-demand positions such as data scientist or web developer. There's no doubt that having many qualified IT candidates to choose from is a problem many hiring mangers would like to have.



Why Every IT Leader Needs a Summer Vacation

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Getting time away from the office is necessary for everyone, and a summer vacation can be particularly special because it’s the mid-point of the year. It’s an opportunity to step back, relax and recharge for the second half of the year.


4 Qualities of a Great Technology Leader

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In the technology world, where innovation is prized, the great leaders who come to mind almost immediately include Steve Jobs, Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos. The admirable leadership skills of these individuals, combined with their visionary approach to solving business problems, sets them apart in a highly competitive industry. Their achievements have had a huge impact on people in all walks of life.