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4 Qualities of a Great Technology Leader

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In the technology world, where innovation is prized, the great leaders who come to mind almost immediately include Steve Jobs, Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos. The admirable leadership skills of these individuals, combined with their visionary approach to solving business problems, sets them apart in a highly competitive industry. Their achievements have had a huge impact on people in all walks of life.


How to Have Useful Exit Interviews

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One thing is certain in today's competitive IT hiring environment: Some of your employees will leave. While you never want to lose team members, conducting an exit interview with a departing IT pro can help you prevent further employee turnover. 




7 Reasons Why Employee Recognition Should be on Your Radar

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In a recent Robert Half survey of IT leaders, 55 percent of CIOs were concerned with employee retention during the next 12 months. And yet, when asked about employee recognition and retention strategies, only 50 percent said they had a formal employee retention strategy.


Is Your Top Employee Leaving? Here are the Warning Signs

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With low unemployment in the tech sector, it can be relatively easy for your top performers to find other jobs. An employee leaving can be disruptive to your team's productivity and morale, so you want to make sure you have a strong retention plan in place. 

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