Agile Tools to Make Your Team Leaner and Meaner

Businesses continue to devote more resources to software development as applications become more central to business growth.

This places more pressure on developers and IT managers to optimize the software development life cycle (SDLC). To that end, many are employing the Agile approach to the SDLC.

The Agile software development methodology jumped into the mainstream with 2001's official Agile Manifesto, and over time, Agile tools have only become more robust. There are several Agile tools that have proven their worth across countless projects, as well as emerging tools that take SDLC efficiency to the next level. Agile tools and trackers can improve communication between disparate stakeholders, increase transparency and help organizations maintain accurate budgets.

Let's take a look at some of the more popular Agile tools and how they can help improve your SDLC and support your development team:

Jira Agile: The Atlassian-developed tool is highly regarded for its product development tracking and collaboration capacities. User story development, team activity visualization and sprint backlog building are some of the features that can enhance the Agile approach, according to InfoWorld. Note that it is not mobile-ready, however.

LeanKit: The project and process management tool offers a well-organized user interface (UI) among its top attributes. Processes are mapped out on a virtual whiteboard, with work item cards and real-time status updates making it easier to schedule and distribute workloads, InfoWorld reported.

Acunote: This Agile tool bills itself as showing "actual progress" rather than "wishful thinking." It offers Scrum software for project management and relies on data analytics to push collaborative potential to a company-wide level. It's also versatile, as it integrates with a slew of different application environments.

If you're looking for some more intel on Agile tools and principles, check out these Robert Half Technology expert blogs here and here. Have some kernels of wisdom to share about your own experience with Agile tools? Let our readers know in the comments below.

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