5 Ways to Find the Right Microsoft Dynamics CRM Specialist

Make sure you hire a CRM specialist with the technical, communication and business skills to get the job done.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM promises to increase the productivity of your sales, marketing and customer service employees, while helping you attract new customers and keeping your current clients happy.

That’s not just a win-win, that’s a win-win-win. Make sure you find a Microsoft Dynamics CRM specialist with a combination of technical skills, communications skills and business know-how. Only someone with the full package can make good on the bright promise of a CRM system.

1. It Starts With the Technology                                                                               

The ideal candidate will know the Microsoft Dynamics CRM software inside and out. As a basic prerequisite, any serious professional will be Microsoft certified. (There are currently four MCTS for Microsoft Dynamics CRM, but these will be changing by the end of 2014.) Also, ask whether he belongs to the Microsoft Dynamics CRM User Group (CRMUG). This is a good indicator of whether the candidate is passionate about Microsoft Dynamics CRM and has an interest in keeping up with the technology.

2. No Need for Introductions

Your CRM software doesn’t exist in a vacuum – it has to play nice with your other software systems. The best candidate for your business will most likely be someone who has worked within your business sector. More ideal would be someone who has worked with a similar systems setup before. She will be more productive than someone who has to learn a new integration scheme.

3. That’s So 20th Century

In a time when social networks can amass millions – or hundreds of millions – of users in just a few months, let’s not forget the importance of social media in improving your customer relationships. Ask your prospective Microsoft Dynamics CRM guru what he knows about Microsoft’s add-on modules, which are designed to harness the power of social media for your sales, marketing and customer service departments. At the very least, be sure you’re hiring someone who embraces new technology and new business models and understands the software’s capabilities and how your business can best take advantage of its present and future capabilities.

4. Talking the Talk

Perhaps the trickiest part of finding the right Microsoft Dynamics CRM professional is finding someone who understands the business side of your organization as well as the technology side. Communications skills will be critical to helping your sales, marketing and customer service employees get the most from Microsoft Dynamics CRM. The ideal candidate will be able to talk with your employees, not talk over their heads or talk down to them. During the interview process, be sure to include people from different departments, then observe how the candidate interacts with everyone.

5. A Happy User Is a Productive User

Microsoft Dynamics CRM can make your sales and customer service people more effective – but only if they use it. Hire a good communicator who understands the importance of keeping your CRM users happy. An engineer who can’t see eye-to-eye with employees in other departments won’t cut it. Carefully watch whether a candidate builds rapport with end users during the interview process. When you find a Microsoft Dynamics CRM specialist who has the technical, communication and business skills to fit your organization, you’ll score a win-win-win that everyone from the CEO to the customer service reps will cheer. Use our comments section to share your success stories in hiring the right Microsoft Dynamics CRM pro.