5 Tips for Putting CRM Software to Work for You

CRM Software

Customer relationship management (CRM) software lets you manage and maintain your customer records.

Used optimally, these solutions can help transform your customer relationships and your business. But too often, companies aren’t getting full use from the technology. How can you ensure your CRM software is doing all it can for you?

Here are five tips to help you get the most out of your CRM system.

1. Start with a survey

To enhance customer interaction, CRM solutions are best used to first track customer experience and then tailor customer contacts to fit needs. First you’ll need to measure that elusive customer experience. For this, you can turn to customer satisfaction and loyalty surveys that objectively measure certain reactions to your organization’s attributes. 

Before compiling a list of survey questions, consider conducting a simple focus group with customers to ask about their expectations. Results will help you write questions that are on point and target customer needs. Plenty of tips are available to help you set up and get the most from a focus group.

2. Make it mobile

Because of the explosion of buyers relying on smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices, you’ll need to ensure your CRM software can be properly integrated and plays well with mobile platforms. Your employees will appreciate the capability to connect with their CRM tools while in the field as well.

3. Tailor the software

Once you understand what’s important to customers, use that information to populate your CRM software. Fit the customer needs you’ve discovered to the customer. These can include how often a customer likes to be contacted, mention of your customer’s primary expectations as well as how your business can best meet those expectations.

4. Personalize the experience

If you want to further personalize customer experience, make sure your CRM software tracks and allows for information, such as brief questionnaires, as to why a customer bought a product or turned to your company. The information may turn up new ways you can reach your buyers and keep them happy.

5. Keep up the contact

Customer loyalty is directly correlated with the customer’s brand experience. Having authentic personal interactions both before and after a purchase has been made is a priority for many organizations. Use your CRM system to track contacts and remind you when it’s time to reach out again.

Today’s CRM applications go well beyond simply storing customer contacts and tracking interactions. Make sure your CRM software is working hard on your behalf to help bring in new business.

Are you re-evaluating your CRM software? Share your experience in the comments below.

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