5 Tips Android Developers Need to Stand Out from the Crowd

Android Developer Tips

Android developers and other app creators lead the pack among the top five high-paying tech jobs for U.S. entry-level to midlevel positions in 2015. To garner those salaries, Android developers need to show they stand out from the crowd and have the chops to develop popular and successful apps. These five tips can help ensure you get noticed.

1. Learn your open source libraries

With its roots in open source, Android has a large number of open-source libraries Android developers can use in their own apps. This site lists five of them, including a library helpful for organizing API calls in a project and one that simplifies communication between parts of an application.

You can learn more about open-source libraries at Android Weekly.

2. Avoid unnecessary objects

File this one under: “Always be aware of the user experience.” Too many objects within an app cause a periodic garbage collection that can make the app stutter. And in the era of the one-second attention span, such a stutter means a user could turn away from the app.

3. Don’t drain the battery

Users often discard slow applications or those that are heavy consumers of battery power and space on their devices. Android developers must be aware of the speed and size of their apps and optimize these factors for best performance.


4. Ask your questions

Android developers love to share their expertise and knowledge. Don’t be shy to ask the community a question if you’re running into a development problem.

Stack Overflow is the first place many developers turn to with a specific question or problem. The site is free, and no registration is required. Another site to consult is Reddit.

5. Find the popular apps

Android developers can learn how to best tailor an app to their audience’s needs by studying those already popular in the space. Look for similar existing apps before you start work. What apps are getting it right? What do they provide the user? How can you do better with your app?

Popular apps are easy to locate. Google Play lists the apps under the “Top Charts” section and in the “Top Paid,” “Top Free” and “Top Grossing” categories. There are also “Editors’ Choice” and “Most Popular Apps” sections.

According to the 2015 Salary Guide from Robert Half Technology, experienced mobile application developers who possess knowledge of multiple platforms (Android, iOS, Symbian and so on) are in strong demand. Not surprisingly, they can expect to see a significant jump in starting pay this year — a 10.2 percent pay increase over 2014, to a range of between $107,500 and $161,500.

What do Android developers need to know to design a killer app? Share your thoughts in the comments section.