4 Key Benefits to Hiring IT Consultants

As I travel the U.S., I continue to see very high demand from firms that want to hire full-time employees. All of this is magnified in the tech industry with around 3 percent unemployment.

The mentality seems to be, when you find good employees, hire them -- and it's one that I happen to agree with. That said, having now been in the staffing and recruitment industry for almost 16 years, hiring full time is not always the best strategy. Here are four key benefits to hiring IT consultants:

  1. It’s really expensive to hire a full-time employee if you don’t have a full-time need. My recommendation is to always balance your staffing levels using this very simple guideline: maintain a full-time staff level that can manage your average workload and supplement with consultants for any spikes in the workload or special projects. This is a healthy, balanced approach to staff-level management.
  2. Hiring consultants allows you to shift fixed labor costs to variable labor costs. This provides significant flexibility for your budgets.
  3. When you utilize consultants for projects, you don’t have the responsibility to provide ongoing training or career advancement opportunities. Bringing in these “hired guns” can help you lighten your HR load.
  4. Consultants bring subject matter expertise that you may not have on your team. Therefore, they are not only an asset to project completion via their expertise, they are also a great resource for knowledge transfer to your existing staff.

Good full-time employees are hard to find, so when you interview someone you like and see them as a long-term asset to your organization, hire them! However, use the four guidelines above to understand when it may truly be more effective to bring on IT consultants. As always, please give me your feedback on this topic as well. Thank you.