4 High-Paying Tech Jobs for 2016

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Much like last year, 2016 looks like a good year to be an IT professional. Overall starting salaries for tech jobs highlighted in our Salary Guide are projected to increase 5.3 percent in 2016.

Experienced tech pros in certain hot areas such as data and mobile are in especially high demand. In fact, these IT experts often don’t have to look very far – or at all – to find the jobs they want. 

As a result, it’s become an even longer waiting game for some IT managers trying to fill senior roles.

Hiring managers, find the right range for starting IT salaries to increase chances you’ll get your top choice of candidate.

While starting pay for every IT job in our guide is projected to increase in 2016, some positions lead the pack. Here are four tech jobs that are expected to see the largest increases in starting pay in the coming year:

  • Wireless Network Engineers can expect a 9.7 percent increase in pay, ranging from $108,750-$150,750, which is the highest increase in starting salary of all IT jobs in our guide! What’s going on here? The general push toward wireless offices and the growth of mobile application development, which requires testing mobile apps in a wireless environment, are just a few reasons for the increased starting pay.
  • Data Scientists and Big Data Engineers are both projected to see an 8.9 percent increase in starting pay over 2015, ranging from $109,000-$153,750 and $129,500-$183,500, respectively. Why the increase? More companies are using big data analytics to help inform business decisions and are relying on specialized personnel for managing and interpreting raw data.
  • Mobile Application Developers are projected to see an 8.2% increase in starting pay, from $115,250-$175,750. Mobile app developers are in high demand due to growth in the use of mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.

These are just a few of the IT jobs highlighted in this year’s Salary Guide. Find out what the projected increase in starting pay is for your tech job by downloading your free copy:

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