3 Ways to Encourage Teamwork in the Workplace

Dev team

Most IT managers know that fostering teamwork in the workplace is a good idea.

Developer teams that collaborate well are typically more productive and make fewer mistakes.

Robert Half Technology’s senior executive director, John Reed, recently wrote an article on fostering teamwork in the workplace and had three excellent tips on the topic:

1. Create a workspace that encourages collaboration. Reed suggests making IT workspaces moveable instead of fixed, and choosing a space that can be somewhat private to allow teams to talk and brainstorm without disturbing others. You might also add whiteboards and other tools to encourage collaboration and creativity.

2. Try pair programming. In this method, developers take turns coding. First, one developer tells the other what to code, and then they switch roles. Another buddy method to consider is to pair developers with quality analysts (QA).

3. Avoid an “order taker” mentality. Include members of your development team during the specification process with business analysts or other non-developer colleagues. You’ll encourage collaboration from a project’s inception because it will be more likely that everyone will have agreed on an approach.

Check out the full article to get more insights into how to encourage teamwork in the workplace.