3 Tips for Onboarding a New Hire

You’ve poured through countless resumes, conducted multiple interviews and narrowed your list down to one finalist -- and then you may have waited a bit nervously to hear if your top candidate accepted your offer, especially in this competitive market.

You may think the most challenging task is behind you, but some of the most critical steps to a successful long-term hire rely on a strong onboarding plan. In fact, it’s not unusual to see a new, promising IT pro leave a job very early in his or her tenure due to a poor onboarding process. Here are three ideas to ensure you successfully integrate your new hire on your team:

  1. Have a plan: Successful employee onboarding starts by having a strong plan. What will your new employee do each day for their first 30, 60 or 90 days? The plan for the first week should be very granular, accounting for each part of the workday. As you progress through the month, the plan should remain well-defined, while allowing for increased flexibility. And ultimately, as you reach the 60- and 90-day marks, weeks should be structured to allow her more hands-on opportunities, moving from a training environment to independence on the job. Communicate the plan on the first day so your new hire clearly understands your expectations and she is set up for success.
  1. Be prepared: Prepare your new employee’s workspace so he feels welcome. Ideally, the workspace should be clean and have all the necessary equipment installed and fully operational. All training materials should be available for immediate reference as well. Consider printing out or emailing a work schedule for the first week so your new hire can track his progress each day. Offer a copy of the department org chart and employee roster. Take your new hire around the office for a tour and introduce him to other team members to ensure he feels immediately welcome. Consider establishing a mentor for him who can be tapped as a resource for questions or assistance while learning the ropes.
  1. Communicate: A new firm, culture and job can be overwhelming. Establish an open-door policy with your new hire from the beginning by blocking out time for daily check-ins to start, moving to weekly check-ins as she’s more established in her role. It’s important to make sure she’s feeling support from management. Look for opportunities to get her involved in company or department activities, whether it’s weekly team lunches or a cross-departmental project. Finally, ask for feedback and look for areas of concern. You might ask, “Do you like the job and is it what you expected?” or “Are there any early concerns or questions we should discuss?” Finally, schedule a formal employment check-in meeting 90 days from the start date to verify your employee’s off to a good start.

Good luck when onboarding your next new hire! Thank you.