3 Steps to Improve Productivity at Your Company

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Robert Half Technology recently conducted a survey of office workers that found some potentially shocking results related to employee lost productivity: Surveyed workers said they lose up to six days each year -- spending up to 30 minutes per day -- dealing with IT-related issues. How do you minimize technical issues and improve productivity for employees?

We all know technology can be a terrific boost to employee productivity. However, if users are not properly trained, or if technical support is not readily available, those productivity gains can quickly evaporate. While IT departments are responsible for providing the necessary training and support for everything from system upgrades to new laptops, they must also ensure that employees understand how to use any new technology -- or miss out on the associated benefits.

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Here are three strategies for IT managers to help improve productivity for employees:

  1. Hire technology support superheroes. Hiring talented help desk and deskside support analysts is critical to providing the support needed for employees to effectively use technology. Having staff members who are up to date on the latest technology, and motivated to ensure employees are aware of best practices in using these tools, will maximize productivity.
  2. Take the time for training and communication. The deployment of any new technology must be accompanied by thorough training on its use. In-depth training and the opportunity to ask clarifying questions are critical to avoid wasting time trying to troubleshoot issues after the tech team leaves.
  3. Ensure the technology infrastructure keeps pace. Optimizing network infrastructure is an important area of focus as computing environments become increasingly complex. Ensure your network operations are able to keep pace with the increasing demand.

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I hope you find these tips helpful in gaining back some of the time employees may be losing due to technology issues. Thank you.

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