10 Top Places to Find jQuery Templates

10 JQuery Templates

jQuery templates are pre-made website designs that use jQuery and, usually, one or more jQuery plug-ins. The jQuery application programming interface works across most browsers, making it a popular choice for website design. Many website templates use the language.

That’s good news for those looking to design or redesign a website, as jQuery templates are pretty easy to locate. The trick is narrowing your search to find just the right template for your needs.

To help with your search, here are 10 resources for finding the right jQuery template:


The clue is in the name. You'll find an impressive range of free jQuery templates applicable to all types of businesses. The jQuery plug-ins offer animations, galleries and drop-down menus.

jQuery Rain

This site lists a large number of free, downloadable templates that can be searched by theme. Also available are jQuery plug-ins with demonstrations included.


These free templates were created by professional designers and developers. The sites are all XHTML compliant, so you don’t have to worry about making multiple web pages compatible with all browsers.


Search this web template site using the term jQuery and witness the bounty of 134 designs returned to you. This collection should save you time and effort on web development.


This free responsive template is suitable for showcasing a portfolio. There are nine skin colors to choose from.


Looking to build a business website? You’ll find 15 free templates, along with five you’ll need to pay for. Look at the features you gain by paying for template design, and check the feature set of each template to find more about jQuery integration.


As the name implies, this is a monster of a site for design template downloads. Search by categories, themes, best-sellers, e-commerce templates, Flash and more. Many templates are priced around $40 to about $150.


Templates developed by FlashMint are low in price and feature designs applicable to a range of businesses, from wedding photographer to musician.

Allwebco Design

These templates can be used on mobile platforms. Designs are SEO-optimized for small businesses, larger corporations or personal users. They include contact and quote forms and a dynamic image gallery.


If it’s a single-page website you’re looking for, Entheos has a collection of templates that feature both personal and professional designs, including full-screen background images, sliders, photo galleries and animation.

With so many designs to browse, you can have fun choosing a clean, well-structured layout for your new site. 

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