1 in 4 CIOs Say Their Organization Has No Mobile Strategy

Today, we issued a press release that found that despite the seemingly countless mobile apps available, the majority of companies (58 percent) neither have a mobile app, nor are they planning to offer one in the next year.  In fact, the survey the press release was based on found that a surprisingly high one in four CIOs (28 percent) said their organization doesn’t even have a mobile strategy.

Further, the survey found that, despite their popularity, mobile apps aren’t the only piece of mobile strategy that most companies are engaging in. Fifty-six percent of CIOs said that their organizations are using a combination of both mobile-friendly web pages and mobile apps, versus only 3 percent who are using apps exclusively.

Take a look at the full press release and let us know your thoughts in the comments. Are companies making a mistake by not having a mobile strategy? Should they be more focused on mobile-friendly pages versus apps?