Why a Staffing Agency Can Be Your Fast-Growing Firm's Best Friend

On October 21, Robert Half sponsored the San Francisco Business Times 100 Fastest Growing Private Companies event. The Fast 100 event honors Bay Area companies from almost every industry that are making the right moves to quickly grow their business.

Any leader who’s been part of a fast-growing business knows that rapid expansion is extremely exciting – and extremely challenging. As projects develop, products launch and departments begin to expand, you need new people. In fact, nothing is more critical to a fast-growing business’s success than a strong, talented base of employees. Using a Bay Area staffing agency such as Robert Half can help you improve your hiring process and locate skilled workers.

Let’s face it, hiring  new employees is very time consuming and expensive. And time and money are two things in short supply when a company is growing quickly. Working with a staffing agency may help save you both. A staffing agency has a wide network of candidates and experienced recruiters. The likelihood that they will have a readily available candidate with the exact skill sets you desire is very good. A well-established staffing agency has a broad network and staffing specialists with industry knowledge that can help you find that top talent before someone else hires them.

A staffing agency like Robert Half also can be a resource for insight into current hiring and workplace trends and provide managers with up-to-date information on compensation levels across the Bay Area. Our 2015 Salary Guides, for example, can help you set competitive salary ranges for new hires. They also contain a wealth of information about the most in-demand skills and positions.

So, if your business is picking up, don’t be left behind. Consider calling a staffing agency to help you recruit and retain a loyal and talented workforce. The more specialized the staffing agency, the more likely you will have access to specialized, high-quality candidates.

Congratulations to the well-deserving companies on the Fast 100 list, and thank you for making the Bay Area your home to grow great ideas. We couldn’t be prouder to live and work among you!