San Francisco IT Hiring Trumps the Nation

Information technology (IT) professionals in the San Francisco Bay Area will have one more reason to celebrate the new year come January: San Francisco is the No. 1 city in the U.S. when it comes to job opportunities for IT professionals in the first half of 2015, according to a recent survey by Robert Half Technology.

Thirty-one percent of Bay Area chief information officers (CIOs) surveyed said they plan to add more staff to their IT teams in the first six months of 2015. This is up 15 points compared to results from the previous survey, which measured hiring from July to December 2014. Even better news for San Francisco IT hiring: If you combine CIOs who plan to add staff with those who plan to hire only for open IT roles, there’s a total of 91 percent of Bay Area CIOs who plan to hire in the first half of the year. None expects to reduce their IT staff.

San Francisco IT Hiring Forecast


July - Dec.


Jan. - June


CIOs adding more staff to IT departments


CIOs planning to hire only for open IT roles 71% 60%
CIOs who plan to put IT hiring plans on hold 14% 10%
CIOs who plan to reduce their IT staff 0% 0%
Don’t know future hiring plans 0% 0%

*Numbers do not total 100 percent due to rounding.

A Toast to Tech Hiring

Before donning your party hat and breaking out the champagne, however, let’s take a closer look at what’s driving San Francisco IT hiring and what skills are highly sought after.

Traditionally, the new year is a time for many companies to add roles as new business initiatives launch. In addition, continued software upgrades, virtualization projects and mobile initiatives are driving tech hiring in the Bay Area, according to Megan Slabinski, Bay Area district president of Robert Half Technology. Bay Area companies are increasingly aware that tech investments typically pay off significantly in terms of making the company more efficient and reactive to consumer needs.

Across the country, the hiring environment for tech talent remains highly competitive, but in San Francisco, you can expect to take this up a notch — or five! Seventy percent of Bay Area tech executives said it’s challenging to find skilled IT professionals today. Software development (19 percent), security (17 percent) and help desk/technical support (17 percent) were cited as the functional areas that are most challenging for finding talent. More specifically, database management, desktop support and network administration are among the skill sets in greatest demand within local IT departments.

Countdown to Action

Now that you have the lowdown on San Francisco IT hiring, it’s time to make this robust hiring market work for you. Much of the key to a successful IT job search boils down to being diligent in your outreach and remaining positive. Despite the high level of competition for top tech roles in the Bay Area, there are myriad opportunities for those with strong skills — and potentially more prospects in the year ahead.

Tell us: Have you had success in the fast-paced San Francisco IT hiring market? What’s the one piece of advice or tactic that has served you well and helped you land a job? We’d love to hear your success stories. Cheers to a prosperous 2015!