San Francisco CFOs Reveal Hiring Plans for Next Six Months

Ninety percent of San Francisco executives surveyed expect to hire for new and open positions in the next six months, according to the recently-released San Francisco Professional Employment Forecast from Robert Half.

Yet more than half (52%) of these same CFOs surveyed said it’s somewhat or very challenging to find skilled candidates. To address these staffing challenges, some firms are enhancing the salaries and benefits they offer. In fact, 35 percent of San Francisco Bay Area CFOs surveyed said they have modified their company’s compensation plan in the past year as a way to enhance recruiting efforts.

“Highly skilled candidates are in great demand throughout the San Francisco Bay Area,” says Sharon Black, senior district president for Robert Half in the San Francisco Bay Area.” These candidates often receive multiple job offers with very competitive compensation packages.”

Hiring managers looking to hire in the next six months need to keep current on the latest salary trends, advises Black. She suggests they consult the new 2016 Salary Guides from Robert Half for the latest salary projections and other hiring advice.

Most important, managers who take too long to make a hiring decision may lose out on the best talent. “Speed and flexibility are key,” adds Black. “When you’re ready to hire, make your best offer quickly.”