Monthly Jobs Report: San Francisco Unemployment Rate Rises

The most recent monthly jobs report shows the non-seasonally adjusted San Francisco unemployment rate for June was 3.4 percent, up 0.6 percentage points from the month prior, but down 0.2 percentage points from this time last year. On a non-seasonally adjusted basis, 5,800 San Francisco jobs were added during the reporting period.

Across California, the seasonally adjusted unemployment rate for June was 5.4 percent, an increase of 0.2 percentage points from the previous reporting period. Month over month, the state added 40,300 jobs on a seasonally adjusted basis.

How has the current San Francisco unemployment rate affected area hiring managers?

Robert Half Senior District President Sharon Black notes that with more job seekers in the market, hiring managers may find themselves flooded with resumes from unqualified candidates. “Due to the influx of candidates on the market, it’s important to streamline the hiring process and know exactly what you’re looking for,” she says. Start with crafting a job posting that clearly states the skills and experience the position requires. “Successful organizations can’t afford to spend time and resources evaluating unqualified candidates,” Black says.

Black adds that managers who want to land skilled professionals in the current San Francisco jobs market should be ready to move quickly.

“While there may be an increase of job seekers in the area, that doesn’t mean there are more candidates with the experience you want,” she says. Candidates with in-demand skills may be fielding multiple job offers, so it’s important to make your own offer as soon as you can. “Long periods of evaluation or deliberation can cause your hiring process to stall out and cost you top talent,” Black says. In addition, clients who are willing to pay market rate will get the best talent. “Avoid making low-ball offers,” she adds, “if you really want to close a deal.”

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