Monthly Jobs Report: San Francisco Unemployment Rate at 3.6 Percent

The latest monthly jobs report shows the non-seasonally adjusted San Francisco unemployment rate for July was 3.6 percent, up 0.2 percentage points from the month prior. On a non-seasonally adjusted basis, 1,300 San Francisco jobs were added during the same reporting period.

Statewide, the seasonally adjusted unemployment rate rose slightly to 5.5 percent in July. Throughout the month, the state added a total of 36,400 jobs on a seasonally adjusted basis.

What does the current San Francisco jobs report mean for hiring managers?

Robert Half Senior District President Sharon Black says area employers may see an influx of applications due in part to the rising San Francisco unemployment rate. “With the current market conditions, it’s important employers find ways to keep their hiring processes streamlined so they don’t lose top candidates to competitors,” she says. Black notes that it’s easy for hiring efforts to eat up valuable time and resources, especially when employers are juggling several applications. “Begin with your resume review process,” she advises. “Scanning for relevant keywords and detecting red flags early can help you more quickly advance top candidates and eliminate bad hires, saving resources now and further down the road.”

Black also notes that employers can gain a competitive edge in the market by appealing to candidates just beginning their careers. “Generation Z workers show a lot of drive and want to make an impact quickly,” she says. “These up-and-coming employees may have less experience at the moment, but they can become valuable staff members if you invest in a little extra training and professional development.” Black adds that employers can make their organizations appealing to this generation by emphasizing benefits such as flexible schedules and performance-based compensation.

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