Quality Assurance/Testing Manager Salary

Midpoint U.S. salary*



The midpoint starting salary for a quality assurance/testing manager is $95,000. Quality assurance/testing managers are responsible for determining and overseeing quality procedures, standards and specifications for computing software and hardware products, taking into account customer requirements. Some employers will raise starting salaries by 5-10 percent for candidates with relevant certifications.

Midpoint quality assurance/testing manager salaries in U.S. cities

Austin, TX  
Boston, MA  
Cleveland, OH  
Dallas, TX  
Denver, CO  
Las Vegas, NV  
Minneapolis, MN  
New York, NY  
San Francisco, CA 
Seattle, WA  

Roles similar to quality assurance/testing manager

Quality assurance engineer/manual  
Quality assurance engineer/automated  
Quality assurance associate/analyst  
Systems engineer 
E-commerce analyst  
Network administrator  
Database administrator  
Web administrator  
Network security administrator  
Technical support manager  

*Salaries listed represent the 50th percentile, or midpoint, of starting salaries.


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