Programmer Salary

Midpoint U.S. salary*



The midpoint starting salary for a programmer, also referred to as a developer or programmer analyst, is $103,000. Programmers write and test code for computer applications and operating systems. Employers often increase starting salaries for programmers with in-demand certifications, such as with C# development.

Midpoint programmer salaries in U.S. cities

Austin, TX  
Boston, MA  
Chicago, IL  
Houston, TX  
Indianapolis, IN  
New York, NY  
Raleigh, NC  
Richmond, VA  
San Jose, CA  
Seattle, WA  

Roles similar to programmer

Software developer  
Lead applications developer  
Mobile applications developer  
Database developer  
Web developer  
Mainframe systems programmer  

*Salaries listed represent the 50th percentile, or midpoint, of starting salaries.


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