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Find starting salary ranges, learn about the hottest benefits and find out what trends are likely to impact your hiring plans in 2018 with the Robert Half Technology Salary Guide. The guide includes:

  • Starting salaries for more than 75 jobs in the tech industry
  • The ability to customize pay ranges for technology roles in more than 135 cities in the U.S.
  • The digital initiatives that most affect demand for tech jobs in 2018
  • The technology hiring outlook for 2018
  • The most sought-after IT roles and skill sets

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Salary Calculator

Need to quickly find the starting salary range for a tech role? Just turn to the Salary Calculator. Get immediate access to current pay levels based on location, candidate expertise and more.


The technology hiring landscape in 2018

Get ready for success in 2018 with the latest data about the technology hiring environment, including the hottest roles and where to find them.


10 technology jobs to watch in 2018 thumbnail

10 technology jobs to watch in 2018

Few fields see as much transformation and growth as technology. See this infographic to find out what the 10 hottest jobs are for 2018.

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Tech salaries across the U.S.

Some tech and IT roles are more valuable in different areas. Take a look at how salaries compare in different U.S. cities.

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WEBINAR: A guide to better tech recruitment & paying competitively in 2018

How can you apply the knowledge from the 2018 Salary Guide to your hiring decisions or career path? Hear top Robert Half Technology executives discuss what this year’s data means to you in this 45-minute complimentary webinar packed with actionable advice.

Watch to find out about:

  • Hiring trends and in-demand technology jobs for 2018
  • How real recruiters woo top candidates in today's competitive hiring landscape
  • Remaining competitive in pay, perks and benefits

The final 15 minutes of the live webinar is a Q&A - view live to get answers to your recruiting and compensation questions!

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Salary details for key tech roles

Get detailed data about compensation for some of the most popular IT job titles, including which U.S. regions offer the highest salaries.

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