Media Planner Salary

Midpoint U.S. salary*



The midpoint starting salary for a media planner, also referred to as an agency or corporate media planner, is $60,250. Media planners help maximize the reach and impact of promotional campaigns by researching and selecting appropriate advertising platforms.

Midpoint media planner salaries in U.S. cities

Atlanta, GA  
Boston, MA  
Chicago, IL  
Denver, CO  
Minneapolis, MN  
New York, NY  
St. Louis, MO  
San Jose, CA  
Tampa, FL  
Washington, D.C.  

Similar roles to media planner

Media director  
Media buyer  
Marketing analytics specialist  
Digital project manager  
Digital strategist  
Social media manager  
Social media specialist  
Email marketing specialist  

*Salaries listed represent the 50th percentile, or midpoint, of starting salaries.


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