Executive Assistant Salary

Midpoint U.S. salary*



The midpoint starting salary for an executive assistant is $52,000. Executive assistants perform a variety of tasks for senior executive management, including scheduling meetings, booking travel, preparing reports, fielding phone calls, and supervising other administrative staff.

Midpoint executive assistant salaries in U.S. cities

Boise, ID  
Boston, MA  
Chicago, IL  
Honolulu, HI  
Jacksonville, FL  
Minneapolis, MN  
New York, NY  
Philadelphia, PA  
San Francisco, CA  
Seattle, WA  

Similar roles to executive assistant

Senior executive assistant  
Senior administrative assistant  
Customer service manager  
HR benefits specialist/coordinator  
Medical coding manager  
Medical executive assistant  
Office manager  
Facilities manager  

*Salaries listed represent the 50th percentile, or midpoint, of starting salaries.


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