Portfolio Manager Salary

Midpoint U.S. salary*



The midpoint starting salary for a portfolio manager is $115,000. Portfolio managers, or investment analysts, make decisions about which securities will be included in an investment fund and typically work for brokerages and investment management companies. Bonuses and incentives are typically part of the compensation package at this level, although they’re not reflected in these salary figures. Advanced certifications and/or degrees are often required for this position.

Midpoint portfolio manager salaries in U.S. cities

Atlanta, GA  
Boston, MA  
Chicago, IL  
Cleveland, OH  
Los Angeles, CA  
Minneapolis, MN  
New York, NY  
Philadelphia, PA  
Pittsburgh, PA  
San Francisco, CA  
Washington, D.C.  

Similar roles to portfolio manager

Internal auditor manager  
Director of accounting  
Financial analyst director  

*Salaries listed represent the 50th percentile, or midpoint, of starting salaries.


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