Administrative Professionals Week

Administrative Professionals Week celebrates the hard work of administrative staff. It’s also a time for OfficeTeam to recognize its valued candidates and their contributions throughout the year. Check out the tip sheet and infographic to learn more.

20 Easy recognition tips to help employees work happy

Creative ways to say thanks because #AdminsRock

We all crave the warm fuzzy feeling we get when we know our talents are appreciated at the office. But for administrative assistants, those appreciative words and actions can be few and far between. In our survey, two-thirds of professionals said they’d likely leave their jobs if they didn’t feel appreciated. Could you imagine your life without your admin?! Neither could we! See ways to express your thanks.

How recognition can help employees work happy

Think you know how workers like to be recognized? According to our survey, cash is king, but employees appreciate paid time off and other forms of gratitude, too. We also got professionals to spill the beans about the strangest and best forms of recognition they’ve ever received.


Emotional intelligence: why you need it now

Emotional intelligence is more important than ever in today’s fast-paced, collaborative workplace – especially for administrative jobs! In this free webinar, find out how it can help you in your career and get advice for improving your skills in this area.


When is administrative professionals day®?

It's typically on a Wednesday each year:

  • 2017: April 26
  • 2018: April 25
  • 2019: April 24

The holiday celebration can really go on all week, though. After all, isn't admin appreciation in order any day?

How did the administrative professionals day holiday get started?

The origin of the special day is no secret. First recognized nationally in 1952, it is the product of a collaboration between the leadership of the National Secretaries Association — which is now known as the International Association of Administrative Professionals (IAAP), public relations account executives from Young & Rubicam, and the president of Dictaphone Corporation — remember dictation machines?

The name of the holiday has changed several times over the years as the profession evolved, from National Secretaries Day to Professional Secretaries Day to the current moniker for the office holiday, Administrative Professionals Day. Gift giving for the occasion has evolved as well, from old-school gifts, like flowers, chocolate and office parties, to more modern tokens of appreciation, like gift cards, tech accessories, and time off.

See the section on Employee Recognition for some creative gift ideas and other ways to show appreciation, including career development opportunities, but most admins will also tell you old-fashioned gifts and heartfelt cards are always appreciated, too!