Tips to Land a Job

If you’re like most people, the job search can be both exciting and overwhelming. Robert Half has resources to help you throughout the process, from identifying a promising opportunity and writing a resume to interviewing with potential employers and negotiating a job offer. Get expert tips and advice for landing the right role for you.

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Landing an Entry-Level Job

Applying for an entry-level position in the creative field? Discover what matters most when executives are evaluating a job candidate.

How to Describe Your Work Ethic on Your Consulting Resume

Motivated? Driven? Strategic? Responsible? Even if these adjectives describe you as a professional, you should avoid using them when describing your work ethic on your resume for consulting jobs. Find out why in this post.

What is the Best Resume Font for You?

Every creative wants to put their best font forward, especially when it comes to their resume. Read on to find the best font for resume writing and then weigh in with your favorites.