Tips to Land a Job

If you’re like most people, the job search can be both exciting and overwhelming. Robert Half has resources to help you throughout the process, from identifying a promising opportunity and writing a resume to interviewing with potential employers and negotiating a job offer. Get expert tips and advice for landing the right role for you.

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Resumania™: Motto Mania

You’ve likely noticed that some people include a pithy statement at the bottom of their email messages. While including clever catchphrases or inspirational sayings is generally fine for email, they don’t belong on your resume.

A Recruiter Tells All: Why You Didn't Get the Job

Ever receive a rejection letter after interviewing – or worse yet, hear nothing – and wonder what went wrong? Here’s what a recruiter has to say about some of the common mistakes candidates make that put them out of the running.

Resumania™: “Will Work for Cheap”

Your resume is very much a sales tool. But unlike a Cyber Monday advertisement, spotlighting your low price isn’t going to help you make the sale.