Staffing Advice

Unlimited Vacation

How would an unlimited vacation policy impact staff productivity? Discover what workers and executives said in The Creative Group’s survey.

4 Cost-Effective Methods for Giving Admins the Training They Deserve

Administrative professionals are an integral part of your organization. For your admins to be as efficient and effective as possible, it’s crucial that you offer them career development opportunities to keep their skills razor sharp. Training is costly, you say? It doesn’t have to be.

Bringing the Latent Leaders on Your Team to Light

The best future leaders for your business may not be the most obvious choices. Here are some tips for identifying latent leaders on your team, and helping them to realize their potential.

12 Quotes to Inspire Confidence at Work

Confidence is knowing what you can do and being secure in your ability to do it. Having and displaying confidence at work can show you're capable of rising to the challenges of your job, boost motivation and focus, and keep stress at bay. Here's how to stay inspired. 

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