Staffing Advice

Emphasize Work-Life Balance for a Productive Office Culture

Promoting work-life balance doesn’t just benefit employees — it helps your overall organization. Did you know that working more can actually lead to decreased productivity? When your employees are stressed, their physical and mental well-being is more likely to be negatively affected. They work less efficiently, they call in sick more often and their work quality suffers.

Play Ball! 4 Ways Spring Training Can Inspire Your Staff Management

Major League Baseball spring training games are in full swing in Arizona and Florida. It’s an important time of year for these players but just as important for the managers and coaches. Spring training offers a crucial opportunity to identify a team’s strengths and weaknesses. Coaches can spot their all-stars, players who need extra support and gaps on their roster.

How to Spot Audit Your Payroll System

The possibility of payroll fraud occurring is always a concern for a business. But an even greater concern for organizations should be remaining in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations.

7 Ideas for Changing Company Culture and Attracting Top-Notch Creatives

Companies that want happy employees must cultivate an environment where team members are given creative license, the freedom to innovate as well as permission to be themselves. Here are seven ideas for changing company culture to attract — and retain — top-notch creative talent.