How to Interview Candidates

Interviewing job candidates seems simple and straightforward. As a result, hiring managers often wing it, failing to devote the necessary time and effort to prepare and conduct a thorough interview. But perhaps no step in the hiring process is as important as the interview. Learn how to get the most out of an interview, including what questions to ask when staffing various roles and how to structure this meeting for success.

Oddball Interview Questions: Do Off-the-Wall Inquiries Help?

Tired of receiving canned answers from job interviewees? Get creative and consider tossing some off-the-wall interview questions into the mix. Asking atypical interview questions — as Robert Half’s Billie Watkins pointed out in a recent TV interview — helps hiring managers dig deeper and see how a job candidate’s mind works.

Hiring a Compliance Officer? Answer These Questions

In today's hiring environment, companies often face stiff competition when hiring a compliance officer. To attract and secure top candidates for the compliance officer role, consider these three questions before starting your search.