How to Interview Candidates

Interviewing job candidates seems simple and straightforward. As a result, hiring managers often wing it, failing to devote the necessary time and effort to prepare and conduct a thorough interview. But perhaps no step in the hiring process is as important as the interview. Learn how to get the most out of an interview, including what questions to ask when staffing various roles and how to structure this meeting for success.

Hiring Headaches: How to Deal with Difficult Interviewees

The job interview can be tough for both parties. We previously offered tips to candidates on dealing with different types of difficult job interviewers. Here's some advice for hiring managers on handling different types of difficult interviewees.

4 Questions to Ask Potential eDiscovery Vendors

Document review is an essential part of eDiscovery, a process that can often demand a great deal of time, money and other resources. The requirements can be particularly challenging for small law firms or legal departments of smaller companies.