Career Development

Whether you are looking to advance in your career, thinking of changing jobs or in the middle of negotiating an offer with a new employer, Robert Half can help you gain an in-depth understanding of the employment trends in your industry. Our staffing experts aid job candidates in reaching their professional goals every day by helping them understand the issues affecting their career development. Get accurate, up-to-date insights now and chart your career path with confidence.

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7 Must-Have Skills in Today's Job Market

It’s very likely that the next person who interviews you will be looking to see whether you have skills in the following areas.

Be sure they’re in your tool belt and on your resume to give you a boost in today’s competitive job market.

How to Negotiate a Higher Paralegal Salary, Even in a Conservative Economy

Wondering how to negotiate your paralegal salary increase? Although the nation’s economy is stronger than it has been in several years, it’s still not so robust that law firms have extra money to spend on company-wide raises. Still, that doesn’t mean you have to settle for the same paralegal salary year after year. You should definitely ask your manager for a pay increase, especially if it’s been several years since your last one – but you have to be strategic about it. Here are some things to keep in mind as you prepare and deliver your pitch.

Legal Positions in Demand

What's the job market like for legal professionals in 2017? See our infographic to learn which positions are in demand around the country.

Financial Consulting: 4 Tips to Keep a Pulse on Business Trends

It’s no secret that successful financial consulting requires staying on top of business and economic trends. You must be well-versed in factors affecting the business climate, such as compliance regulations, hiring trends and security risks.