The Inside Track from a Raleigh Staffing Expert: How to Be a Successful Temporary Worker Starting With Your Interview

Temporary work can appeal to many different people for many different reasons. Some workers need the flexibility that temporary work provides. Others hope it will be a stepping stone to a full-time position. Whatever the reason for working through a staffing firm to become a temporary professional, Kendall Pittock, director of temporary services for Accountemps and OfficeTeam in Raleigh-Durham, says job seekers can work for their dream company by following a few simple steps even before leaving their house on their way to interview with her.  
What you decide to wear is step one in the process. “Professional attire does make a good first impression,” Kendall says. She recommends a conservative, yet trendy look and for women to avoid low-cut blouses while men should wear pressed, collared shirts. She also suggests anyone with long hair to pull it back and off of the face. Smokers need to be especially careful not to have a cigarette while in their interview attire. “Healthcare is huge here in Raleigh-Durham and many of those companies are non-smoking facilities,” she notes. “You don’t want to deter a hiring manager from considering you before you even start an interview.”
You may also want to leave your cell phone in your car, suggests Kendall.  “That is the best way to be sure you won’t forget to turn in off and have it ring during your interview.” 
Printing out multiple copies of your resume is another way to impress your interviewer.  If an interview is going well, you may be asked to meet other recruiters at the staffing firm.  You want to be prepared to give anyone you meet a copy of your resume.  Be sure the resume is free of typos by having a few friends or a mentor review it for you.  Again, you don’t want to be passed over because of a spelling error.  
Take a quick peek at your resume before sitting down with the interviewer so you’re prepared to discuss your work history and what you want from the staffing firm.  Do you have certain salary expectations? Do you have to limit your commute distance?  Are you hoping to work specific days or hours? Are you hoping your assignment might lead to a full-time role? Knowing the answers to these questions will help the recruiter better understand your needs and place you in a positon that is best suited to you.  Kendall sums it up this way: “My job is to keep my temporaries in Raleigh-Durham working until I find them a permanent job or they tell me they are off the market!”