5 Signs You Are a Workaholic

Signs You Are a Workaholic

Your coworkers are talking about their plans for a fun and leisurely weekend. Meanwhile, you’re upset that you won’t be able to get into the office because it’ll be locked. If you’re looking for signs you are a workaholic, you just found one. Here are some more.

We all know July 4 is Independence Day, but are you aware that the next day is National Workaholics Day? Here are five signs you are a workaholic — and some quick tips on what you can do to chill out on July 5 (and beyond):

1. Your laptop smells of coconut. Are you building sand cubicles on the beach instead of sand castles? One of the top signs you are a workaholic is not being able to unwind on vacation. Leave the laptop at home and the smartphone in the hotel room. Give yourself permission to relax and not think about your job. Truly disconnecting on occasion gives your mind and body a chance to recharge, which will enhance your productivity, job satisfaction and quality of life.

2. You eat three “square” meals a day. Frequent desk dining is another workaholic warning sign. If the only thing square about your meals is the fact that they come in takeout boxes, you might be a workaholic. Do yourself a favor by standing up and getting away from your desk at lunch. Eat with coworkers or take a stroll around the building. Getting a brief change of scenery (or a bit of exercise) will aid your creative problem solving more than 30 additional minutes of staring at a computer monitor.

3. You know how the night watchman takes his coffee. If you know all about the lives of your company’s overnight security guards, it’s probably because you stay way too late way too often. Unless you’re in the midst of a major deadline-oriented project, work can wait until tomorrow morning. Take cues from your coworkers and power down when they do.

4. You have the “work bug.” Always coming into the office when you’re sick doesn’t make you a hero; it makes you a germ-spreading workaholic. Do yourself — and your colleagues — a favor by getting into the habit of taking a sick day and resting when you’re under the weather.

5. Your favorite hobby is organizing your inbox. Organization is great, but sorting through work email in your downtime is not a hobby. Find a real pastime, like gardening, biking or cooking. (And before you ask, creating a Pinterest account dedicated to workplace organization doesn’t count!)

Having career ambition and a strong work ethic is commendable. But when it crosses the line and becomes workaholism, it can impact your mental and physical health as well as your personal relationships. You need vacations and weekends to maintain work-life balance, and to keep stress and sickness at bay. So, get out there and embrace the true spirit of National Workaholics Day by doing absolutely anything — anything but work, that is!