Onboarding Documents FAQs

Below are some answers to questions you may have as you review and complete your onboarding documents.



Q: Why do I need to enter alternate contact name and alternate contact number?

As part of your Robert Half onboarding, we ask for alternate contact information to have an emergency contact on file.

Q: Why didn’t I receive any documents to eSign (eSignature)?

First, please check your email account Spam folder for the eSign request. Second, if you do not have the request, please reach out to your branch, and request the onboarding agreements.

Q: Why am I receiving multiple envelopes with paperwork to eSign?

Many agreements have dependencies and the additional agreement(s) you receive require the first set of agreements to be signed first.


Onboarding Documents

Q: What are all these documents for?

These are documents, such as, but not limited to, the Candidate Consent, the Robert Half IAF and Certificate of Candidate. You must complete these to continue your journey with Robert Half in presenting job opportunities to you. Please read, understand, acknowledge each document you are requested to sign as they are part of the onboarding process. Your specific set of documents may include a non-disclosure agreement, a background check verification form or other documents related to employment through Robert Half.

Q: Will Robert Half run my credit report once I sign and agree to these onboarding agreements?

Robert Half does not run a credit check unless specifically requested by a client. When a client requires it, you will be notified of this client requirement, asked to complete a profile and only then will the credit check be run.

Q: How often will Robert Half run a check on my background?

As part of Robert Half placing contract professionals on assignment, we do run background checks on candidates. This process will likely happen right before placing an individual on an assignment. While some clients require a preliminary background check, others may require more detailed background check.

Q: I am unable to eSign Opt Out. How do I 'Opt Out' of temp arbitration?

You must print out the ‘Opt Out’ page, sign it and send us the signed page either via email to [email protected] or fax it to (925) 394-5315. We must receive your signed ‘Opt Out’ page no later than 30 calendar dates after signing the arbitration agreement acknowledgement form. Contact customer service at (888) 744-9202 if you do not receive a confirmation of receipt of this form from RHI within 15 days of submitting it.

Q: Does signing the Arbitration Agreement give Robert Half the authority use my portfolio of work, post it on their website or use for marketing purposes?

No, we do not use any of our candidate’s portfolio of work and publish on our website or use in marketing material without additional consent.

Q: What do I do if I do not agree with the terms in the documents?

The language used and agreed to in our onboarding agreements is standard for all engagements. Please reach out to your Talent Manager with more questions.

Q: What if I do not have my social security number (U.S.) or social insurance number (Canada) number to complete the agreement?

Please reach out to your Talent Manager for further assistance.


Electronic Signature

Q: My name is incorrect on the documents. How do I change my name and signature?

When adopting a signature, you can adjust your name on the documents by following the steps below:
From your DocuSign Account, click your Profile image, then click Manage Profile.
Choose Signatures.
Click Delete to remove an existing signature, or + Add New to create a new signature
Enter your name and initials exactly as you want them to appear in your signature, then select one of the following options:
CHOOSE - select any of the pre-formatted signature styles.
DRAW - create a freehand drawing of your signature and initials.
UPLOAD - upload your own signature and initials image files.
When finished, click CREATE to accept the new signature and initial style.

Q: I am unable to read the documents clearly on my phone.

If you are unable to read the documents clearly, please access the documents from your desktop computer, tablet, laptop, or other device.


Still Need Help?

Providing an excellent customer experience is a top priority for Robert Half. To share any feedback or get in touch with our Customer Service team, please send us an email.

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