You are an Adapter

You take a flexible approach to intuiting others' needs, sometimes relying on your powers of observation, while other times asking questions directly or researching the situation. Your ability to use multiple intuitive strategies allows you to draw more accurate conclusions. In fact, many people may tap you for the inside scoop on office happenings.

Because your ability to intuit others' needs is strong, you may believe that people should be able to identify your needs just as easily – and be disappointed when they don't. Don't take it personally if your requirements are overlooked. Instead, let people know what you need to be successful on the job. By communicating about your own requirements, as well as identifying the needs of your coworkers, you'll be well positioned for a successful career!

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An icon of a thought bubble that reads, "Analyst" An icon of a question mark that reads, "Questioner" An icon of a magnifying glass that reads, "Observer" An icon of a heart that reads, "Empathizer"


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