Second Interview Questions for the Receptionist Job Hunt

An executive listens to an administrative assistant candidate answer questions during a second interview

Congratulations! You've just scored a second interview for an administrative assistant position. Now you need to impress a different individual or group of interviewers. Keep in mind that there are two aspects to getting ready. First, you need to prepare for employers' typical second interview questions. In addition, you should develop some fresh questions of your own.

When employers ask their second interview questions, they're usually trying to visualize how you'll fit into the role. For instance, they may ask what you can contribute to the company — or why you're the best administrative assistant for the job. Your own second interview questions can help you learn whether this position is right for you, chiefly by probing deeper into the particulars of the job and the company. But you can also demonstrate your professional strengths through the questions you ask.

Here's a sampling of some second interview questions that administrative professionals can ask an employer:

1. 'What can I tell you about my qualifications for the position?'

The employer's answers will help you understand which skills and attributes are most important for this position. You may also gain a chance to discuss the soft skills you'd bring to the position, such as strong written communication skills and flexibility.

2. 'What's the biggest challenge I would face in my first six months on this job?'

By asking this question, you demonstrate your commitment to being successful right from the start.

3. 'What do you like most about working for the company?'

You may have asked this question during your first interview. But you'll probably speak with a different person or a panel of interviewers the second time around. That gives you an opportunity to learn more about the various people you'll be working with and their views on the company's strong points.

4. 'How could an employee in this position make a real difference at the company?'

This question shows that you take a proactive approach to your job — and that you want to make a significant contribution to the organization. Employers appreciate administrative assistants who show initiative and look for ways to contribute to the company's success.

During your first interview, you obviously convinced a hiring manager that you're an excellent candidate for the position. Use these second interview questions to prove that you're the top candidate for the job.

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