How a Staffing Agency Can Help You Easily Transition From One Role to Another

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Temporary work is a great way for administrative professionals to develop new skills, make key contacts and have a source of income while seeking full-time employment. But finding good assignments can be tricky, which is why a staffing agency that specializes in placing administrative assistants can be a temporary worker's best friend.

Working with a staffing agency allows you to skip the grunt work and focus on the perks of temporary employment. It's a recruiter's job to promote your skills and talents to people in the industry and find placements for you, which is often a challenge for temp workers who fly solo.

A reduction in downtime between jobs is another advantage a staffing agency can offer temporary administrative professionals. Since recruiters know when an assignment will end, they can be on the lookout for new placements in advance to keep your workflow steady instead of sporadic.

It can also be awkward for temporary workers to transition to new assignments. Working with a staffing agency can make the process seamless because they provide insight into the business and corporate culture of the company and offer tips for navigating your first day.

Below are a few more ways working with a temporary staffing agency can make the role-to-role transition easier for administrative professionals seeking temporary employment:

  • They help define you. The best recruiters spend a significant amount of time building a complete profile of you as a candidate before placing you in assignments. They zero in on your strengths and suggest ways to expand on them. They also try to understand your work preferences by asking you things like how many hours you want to work and if you're open to a temporary-to-full-time position.
  • They're in the know. It's the responsibility of a recruiter to keep you apprised of the latest in-demand skills for administrative assistants and help you stay current. Many staffing agencies offer free online skills training for job candidates to bolster their skill set and increase their placement options. Recruiters also have an "in" with employers so they may be privy to job openings that haven't yet been advertised and can provide candidates access to industry contacts.
  • Your best interests matter. Working with a staffing agency means you get personalized attention from a recruiter who'll work with you to meet your needs. To maintain job satisfaction, you can provide your recruiter with feedback about your placements: Are you enjoying your current assignment? Would you be interested in similar work in the future? You can also keep your recruiter abreast of any recent developments, such as new skills you acquired either from an assignment or on your own that make you suitable for other positions.

It can be frustrating to find temporary work that fits your skill level, experience and professional goals if you try to go it alone. Letting the experts at a staffing agency do the legwork for you allows you to reap the benefits of temporary work while you explore options for your career.