Cover Letter Examples That Will Help Your Resume Stand Out

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You've carefully crafted a resume highlighting your skills and experience as an administrative assistant. You've made sure to match your skills with the requirements of a job description. But if you think you can get by with a cut-and-paste cover letter — or, worse, no cover letter at all — you may have wasted your time. We invite you to take a look at cover letter examples that will help you make your application stand out from the crowd when you're trying to land administrative assistant jobs.

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Hiring managers often have more resumes to read than time to read them. A well-written cover letter is the hook your resume needs to increase its chances of being read, and your chances of getting hired.

Cover letter examples for administrative assistant jobs

To pique an employer's interest, you should customize your cover letter the same way you did your resume. Following are some cover letter examples to help make your resume a must-read for an employer.


A cover letter should have a more conversational tone than a resume. Avoid the ubiquitous "To Whom It May Concern" and address the hiring manager personally. If you don't know his or her name, it's worth a phone call to the company to find out.


The first paragraph of your cover letter should be an attention grabber. Do some research on the employer beforehand and show that you're familiar with the company and the type of work it does. Then you can naturally follow up with the reasons you're interested in the position.

Members of your professional network can likely provide cover letter examples for you to consider. Here's one to help you out:

Dear Mr./Ms. [Jones],

I was excited to see your posting for an administrative assistant and think you will find my credentials to be an asset to your organization. I would love the opportunity to work for [company name] because of your innovative work in the [blank] industry. I am also impressed by your involvement in the community and your commitment to lessening the company's carbon footprint. I think I would fit in with the corporate culture because I, too, strive to be the best at what I do and am also civic-minded and environmentally conscious.


Now, it's time to put your money — or, in this case, your skills and experience — where your mouth is. The goal is to touch on what you have to offer without sounding too wordy or simply rehashing what's in your resume:

As an administrative assistant, I am a jack-of-all-trades, willing and able to expand my role to meet the diverse needs of a fast-paced company such as [company name]. Thanks to my organizational skills I can easily multitask, and I welcome the challenge of meeting tight deadlines. I'm also a natural problem solver, always on the lookout for ways to maximize efficiency or provide solutions that benefit the company. At my previous job, I proposed several cost-cutting measures, saving the company [$X,XXX] over the course of a year. Communicating effectively is another one of my strong suits. I am comfortable dealing with clients, customers and vendors and am considered the office guru by new hires when they need information.


No list of cover letter examples is complete without addressing the last piece of the puzzle: the wrap-up. This section should list any specific skills or additional training you bring to the table that complement the job requirements. Then, end the letter by saying you hope to meet in person for further discussion:

I have experience running virtual meetings and giving PowerPoint presentations. I possess a wide range of software skills, including [expertise in FileMaker Pro, Concur, etc.] and continue to seek training to further enhance my skill set. I can also help the company manage its online profile because I am well-versed in social media such as Facebook, Google+ and Twitter. I look forward to the opportunity to meet with you to discuss other ways I can contribute to the company's operations.



Contact information

A compelling invitation to a potential employer

A customized cover letter is more than just a preface. It's good PR for your resume, a shout-out to an employer that the attached information is worth a read. Hopefully, you can use the cover letter examples above to craft a compelling document of your own.


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