The 3 Best Resume Tips for the Administrative Professional

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Are you in the market for a job as an administrative professional? Before blowing the dust off an old resume or attempting to pen a new one, ask yourself if you could benefit from some resume tips to increase your chances of getting hired.

Your resume has the herculean task of earning you a place at the top of an employer's to-be-considered stack of applicants. This means it has to be strong enough to showcase your skills and attributes and distinguish you among the many candidates in the running. Don't let a weak resume undermine your chances of getting a job. Make sure your resume is in tip-top shape before you send it out.

Below are three resume tips to build up your resume when applying for a job as an administrative professional:

Resume tip 1: Lose some weight

  • Avoid bold graphics, fancy fonts and far-out formats since they often can't be read by the software applications some companies use to screen for eligible candidates. Opt for clean documents and choose a standard format that won't get filtered out by a computer program.
  • Firm up resume "flab" by meticulously checking for typos and grammatical errors. Proofread your document two or three times and ask friends to proofread it as well. Several reps of proofreading results in a sleek, mistake-free resume.
  • Rule of thumb: If the second page of your resume is mainly fluff that doesn't add value to your candidacy, eliminate it and scale back to one page.

Resume tip 2: Strengthen your core skills

  • Begin your resume with a hard-hitting summary of your primary skills and attributes. For example, you might kick things off with, "Highly qualified administrative professional with Microsoft Office specialist certification. Strong communication and Internet research skills."
  • Give your resume "skills appeal" by citing specific examples of how each can be used on the job. If you possess excellent organizational and time management skills, for instance, describe how they allow you to easily switch gears when jugging multiple assignments.
  • Make your resume more relevant by emphasizing skills and attributes that closely match what's listed in the job description. If, for example, one of the requirements is extensive computer software knowledge, list your technology skills individually in a special section, highlighting additional training or certification in these areas.

Resume tip 3: Tone and tighten certain areas

  • Include applicable words and phrases in your resume that can be picked up by computer software systems scanning for keywords listed in the job posting. If an employer seeks an administrative professional with PowerPoint capabilities and that's part of your skill set, use the word "PowerPoint" instead of simply stating you're adept at using "Microsoft Office applications."
  • Send your resume according to the employer's preferred delivery format. If you send it electronically, include links to work samples or more in-depth information about your qualifications. You may also want to mail a hard copy of your resume to a hiring manager for further emphasis.

Your resume needs muscle to make you a strong contender for the position. These resume tips and others like them can help make your resume fit for the task at hand.