Losing Your Best Admins? 5 Ways to Bolster Employee Retention

A woman holds a sheet of paper with a smiley face in front of her own face

Employee retention should be on every company's radar, especially today. As the economy improves, administrative professionals have more and more options available to them if they don't feel they are being treated fairly, receiving adequate compensation or being appreciated by their employer. The following five suggestions can help you hang on to your best and brightest admins.

1. Be more flexible. Rush hour proves it: Most workplaces are still wedded to the regimented 9-to-5, Monday-to-Friday work schedule. By making flextime, telecommuting or both an option for your team, you can improve your administrative staff's work-life balance. And since telecommuting programs can, in some cases, reduce the real-estate footprint of your business, you may end up seeing twice the benefit: greater employee retention and lower operating costs. Talk about a win-win.

2. Let them learn. Want to make your administrative staff happy and simultaneously build a smarter workforce? By subsidizing their training and education, you'll be showing your workers that you value their contributions and want them to grow with the company – both critical to employee retention. Besides formal education, training programs can include attendance at seminars and industry events. You can also offer mentoring programs to help newer staff members get up to speed and retain valuable institutional knowledge when tenured employees decide to retire.

3. Offer great perks. From providing your staff with free coffee and snacks to giving away tickets to concerts and sporting events, employee perks go a long way toward improving retention rates. On-site services such as child-care facilities, fitness centers and dry-cleaning pickup are becoming more and more popular; they also reduce time lost by employees running errands during the workday.

4. Re-evaluate compensation regularly. Money may not be everything, but it is an important factor in employee job satisfaction. Stay current on compensation trends by reviewing industry research like the annual Salary Guide from OfficeTeam. Even during periods when you can't raise salaries, there may be potential for other perks you can provide to your administrative team.

5. Listen when they talk. One of the best things any employer can do to boost employee retention is to check in with their administrative staff regularly; the annual performance review is not enough. Be prepared to listen and ready to act on any requests you consider reasonable to keep your team engaged, loyal and on board.

No matter the size or scope of your company, it's critical to actively take steps to improve employee retention. Show your administrative staff how valued they are and let them know you appreciate all they do to make your organization a success. The payoff will be worth it.