The Real Reason Your Administrative Job Openings Are Staying Open

An office cubicle has an empty chair

It's not unusual to have some difficulty staffing administrative job openings, especially in a rebounding economy, when there's increased competition for top talent. But if your administrative positions tend to stay open for weeks or months on end, you may need to rethink your approach.

Here are four reasons your administrative job openings might be staying open – and what you can do to address each issue:

1. Your job description falls short
job description that's vague or inexact won't attract top candidates. Failing to accurately describe the position could be why you end up interviewing more than your fair share of underqualified applicants. To interest in-demand professionals, detail the skills needed for the position, along with the key responsibilities, and explain why your company is a great place to work. Use our tips for writing a strong job description.

2. You rely solely on social media
Managers who recruit solely through social media shouldn't wonder why their job openings remain vacant. You can't accurately evaluate a candidate's interpersonal skills or how he or she will mesh with the corporate culture simply by looking at the person's LinkedIn profile. Conversely, you may rule out a candidate who'd be perfect for the job simply because of something personal posted on Facebook. Bottom line: Social media recruitment should complement – not replace – traditional one-on-one interaction with a candidate.

3. Your salary offer isn't competitive
How can you recruit and, more importantly, retain top professionals if you don't stay current on the latest compensation trends for administrative assistants? The answer: You can't. Salary is one of the most important factors in attracting qualified candidates, and if the pay you're offering isn't on par with the going rate, you'll lose them to the competition.

If you're not able to pay more, you should be willing to offer other perks like a flexible schedule, paid training or extended vacation time. Resources such as the annual OfficeTeam Salary Guide can help you stay up-to-date on the latest compensation trends for administrative professionals in your area.

4. You don't have time to recruit
You try to be a manager who can do it all, even though you're stretched so thin you barely have enough time to eat lunch each day. But if you're trying to recruit candidates in your spare time, there's a much better chance your job openings will remain vacant or that you'll end up hiring the wrong person.

Let a specialized staffing agency help ease the burden. A staffing expert can find a skilled administrative assistant for your job openings. These professionals have access to a broader range of candidates and more time to evaluate their skills, conduct interviews and perform select reference checks.

If you're experiencing a hiring slump, resources such as the OfficeTeam blog, Take Notecan provide information on the latest hiring trends and developments in the administrative field, along with tips for attracting and retaining the best administrative professionals.