Here's Why Recruitment Agencies Could Be Your New Best Friend

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You might already know the obvious advantage of working with recruitment agencies. After all, finding top administrative assistants who meet your skills requirements and fit with your company's workplace culture can be challenging and time-consuming. And, if you already have a full plate, it can also be stressful. Most busy employers are happy to leave that part of the hiring process to recruiting experts.

But did you know that, aside from locating qualified candidates for your job openings, specialized recruitment agencies can offer a number of other benefits?

For one thing, these firms can advise you about your hiring needs. How many people do you really need to bring onboard? And does it make sense to hire on a temporary, full-time or temporary-to-full-time basis? They can also assess the requirements of your open position and help you write a more comprehensive and accurate accurate job description to help attract the right candidates. And, because the best recruitment agencies provide the professionals they represent with access to online training, you get administrative professionals who already possess the most in-demand skills.

Even better, top-notch recruitment agencies can help save you money. The longer a position stays vacant, the greater the loss in terms of productivity. Recruitment agencies can find stellar candidates quickly, reducing your hiring time by as much as eight weeks.

Here are three more reasons specialized recruitment agencies can be an employer's new best friend:

Recruitment agencies can help you hire more efficiently

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These firms can quickly assess your needs and select the right candidates for you from the thousands of resumes they keep on file. This saves you from having to sort through a seemingly endless sea of resumes, hoping to find at least one candidate who'll make the cut.

They also handle the initial interview, skills testing and select reference checks in less time and more thoroughly than you could on your own. All that's left for you to do is choose one of the stellar candidates that have been handpicked for you.

Recruitment agencies help you avoid hiring mistakes

According to a Robert Half survey, managers spend almost one day per week overseeing poorly performing employees. Add in the time it takes to find and train a replacement for a bad hire, and you're looking at a considerable loss of time and money.

Recruitment agencies can provide you with temporary employees so you can assess a candidate's on-the-job performance before extending a full-time offer — and, potentially, making a costly hiring mistake. In addition, firms like OfficeTeam offer a service guarantee if the person they have assigned to you is not the right match.

Recruitment agencies give you access to other resources

Employers who work with specialized recruitment agencies have access to a plethora of resources and research on the latest developments in the administrative field. The annual OfficeTeam Salary Guide, for example, helps employers stay current on compensation trends and includes hiring information, including job descriptions for administrative positions and the types of questions hiring managers should ask candidates during the job interview.

For more information about how one of the premier recruitment agencies can help with your hiring needs, contact OfficeTeam today.

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