Need an Administrative Assistant? Let a Staffing Agency Help

A magnifying glass highlights one of nine administrative assistant candidate portraits

What's the best way for a manager to find a top administrative assistant? You could spend hours posting a job description on various job boards, sorting through a barrage of resumes and conducting several interviews to find skilled candidates. Or you could skip many of these steps and let a specialized staffing agency bring the best administrative assistants to you.

Why is this a good idea? Searching for skilled candidates is labor-intensive and time-consuming. And since recruiting isn't your only responsibility, you can't devote all your time to the process, which increases your chances of making a costly hiring mistake.

For this reason, it makes sense to let a staffing agency do the recruiting for you. Look for one that specializes in placing skilled administrative assistants.

Here are seven ways a specialized staffing agency can help you in your search for an administrative assistant:

1. Cast a wider net

Specialized staffing agencies have broader networks than generalist firms do; they keep the resumes of thousands of skilled administrative professionals on file. This gives you access to a greater number of experienced administrative assistants than you'd have on your own, increasing your chances of finding the right one.

2. Go above and beyond

The best staffing agencies don't just match resumes with a job description; they also match candidates with a company's culture. By assessing an employer's needs on every level, recruiters can identify the best available administrative assistants in your market, including those who might be interested in a new role but aren't actively looking for work.

3. Advocate for you

Staffing firms assume the responsibility of generating interest in your company among the professionals they've handpicked for you. Demonstrating to candidates why your job opening is attractive is a key element in the recruiting process.

4. Vet candidates more thoroughly

Recruiters can dig deep to learn more about a candidate's skills, professional history and work style, helping to ensure a better fit. OfficeTeam, for example, uses a CustomMatch evaluation process to quickly identify highly skilled professionals who fit our client's needs.

5. Save time

Staffing agencies handle the most time-sapping aspects of the hiring process, including the initial interview, skills testing and reference checks. Professional recruiters can devote their whole day to the staffing process, shortening a company's hiring time by as much as eight weeks.

6. Stay current

Staffing agencies help keep their clients up-to-date on developments in the employment market. OfficeTeam's annual Salary Guide and Salary Calculator, for instance, offer insight into compensation, hiring trends and skills in demand. In addition, some recruitment agencies offer their candidates training opportunities so clients get a capable administrative assistant with the most current roster of must-have skills.

7. Save money

Replacing an employee who performs poorly can waste both time and money. Top staffing agencies guarantee their administrative assistants and will promptly send a replacement if you aren't satisfied.

Why go through the stress of searching for experienced candidates on your own when there's an easier way? Let the experts at a staffing agency help you find a top-notch administrative assistant who meets the needs of your business.