4 Reasons You're Having Trouble Staffing Administrative Jobs

A manager looks exasperated at her computer after having trouble staffing administrative jobs

Having the right support staff is an important part of doing business. From your executive assistant to your receptionist, administrative professionals make an invaluable contribution to ensuring that your business runs smoothly, day in and day out.

But finding great support staff isn't always easy. Here are four challenges you may face when trying to staff administrative jobs. Luckily, there are simple ways to overcome each of these hiring issues.

1. Trying to wing it
The people occupying administrative jobs in your company are some of the most important people you've got. So, when it comes to staffing an open admin role, you should never play it by ear – even if you're in a rush to bring in reinforcements. It takes time, planning and careful consideration to find and attract the right person for each position.

2. Dealing with too many applicants
Most hiring managers have faced this situation before: being inundated with resumes, both good and bad, and spending hour upon hour going through them to identify the few promising candidates that applied. Writing an accurate job description is the key to overcoming this challenge.

Revise the description to include the current duties you'll expect your new hire to complete regularly, including any new responsibilities that have emerged since the description was last updated. If you post this, potential candidates will have a better sense of what the job entails, and they'll be able to more easily compare their skills against your requirements. The likely result: fewer resumes from applicants who are clearly not qualified for the position and less time on your part sifting through the deluge.

3. Looking for the wrong keywords
Software that mines resumes for keywords may or may not be useful when it comes to staffing administrative jobs. After all, most job seekers will list Microsoft Word or PowerPoint among their skills, but that doesn't mean every candidate can create styles in Word or add animation to a presentation. Unless you have very specific requirements and have your software look for the corresponding keywords, you're going to spend a lot of time reading resumes to determine who has the right qualifications. Again, the more specific you can be in your job posting, the less likely you are to run into this problem.

4. Not knowing how much to pay
Some employers are out of touch when it comes to compensation for administrative jobs – especially if they haven't staffed one in a while. Fortunately, plenty of industry research is available to help you benchmark your compensation levels. If you're uncertain about how much you should be paying an administrative professional, check the annual OfficeTeam Salary Guide for salary ranges for more than 60 administrative jobs in your area.

When it comes to overcoming common challenges associated with staffing administrative jobs, an excellent option is to work with an administrative recruiter who can help identify candidates from their extensive database that would be the best available options for your needs.