3 Staffing Solutions You Can't Afford to Overlook

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When it comes to administrative staffing solutions, employers have more choices than they did in the past. Yet some may still adhere to the "advertise, evaluate, interview" method of hiring because that's the way they've always done things.

It's important for managers to know that other staffing solutions can sometimes be more effective and less time-consuming than the customary approach. They can help you save money and find a highly skilled, well-rounded candidate more efficiently than you would be able to otherwise.

If you haven't always been successful finding the right administrative candidates using old-school hiring techniques, it may be time to explore new staffing solutions. Here are three to consider:

Staffing solution #1: Create an employee referral program
Businesses can benefit from using employee referrals as a hiring resource. Existing staff know the corporate culture and dynamics of the office and also perhaps the responsibilities of the position you're attempting to fill, so they're more likely to recommend a person who'd be a good fit.

Employers who institute employee referral programs offer staff members incentives such as extra vacation days, trips or cash bonuses if their referral results in a hire who stays with the company for a specific length of time.

Here are some things to consider before implementing an employee referral program:

  • What incentives are you going to offer for employee referrals?
  • How long does a referred candidate need to remain with the company before the person who made the referral is eligible for the incentive? (The average time is typically between three and six months.)
  • What is the procedure for submitting an employee referral?

Staffing solution #2: Hire from within
Sometimes, the best candidates are already onboard. Internal recruitment – that is, promoting employees into vacant roles or staffing openings with professionals from other areas of the organization –is a good way to motivate employees and keep morale high. And, since you're already familiar with the work ethic and personality of internal candidates, and they know their way around the company, you don't have to worry about them fitting into the corporate culture.

This method isn't without its drawbacks, however. Hiring from within means you have a smaller selection of candidates to choose from and you may end up promoting someone who isn't up to the challenge. You also risk bruising egos and possibly losing valued employees who may resent being passed over for a position.

If you decide to recruit internally, go the extra mile to make sure everyone understands your hiring criteria and that all your employees get a fair shot at the job.

Staffing solution #3: Work with an administrative staffing firm
Using an administrative staffing agency for your hiring needs opens the door to a rich pool of experienced candidates you wouldn't likely have access to on your own. Recruiters have a vast network of top-notch administrative professionals who've already been interviewed and skills-tested before you've even contacted the firm.

After assessing your needs, a staffing agency can zero in on the most promising candidates and cut your hiring time from weeks to days – or, in some cases, even hours. In addition, some firms guarantee their candidates and will replace someone who doesn't work out at no cost to you if you contact them within a certain period of time.

Employers shouldn't shy away from considering all their options when looking for staffing solutions. These and other methods can help you find a top-notch administrative assistant to suit your needs.