Your Next Job Interview Could Take Place in a Bathroom

job interview location cartoon

A typical job interview takes place in a conference room or office at a company, but what if a hiring manager wants to meet somewhere a little different – say, in a parking lot or on the beach? It may happen more often than you think.

We recently asked managers to tell us the strangest place they have heard of a job interview taking place. And boy, there were some doozies.

Some of our favorites include:

  • “In the bathroom”
  • “In an elevator”
  • “In a shopping center parking lot”
  • “In a field”
  • “At a fast food restaurant”
  • “In a garden”
  • “At the gym”
  • “On a bus”
  • “At a donut shop”
  • “On an airplane traveling from Los Angeles to Detroit”

Check out the slideshow below for more hilarious responses.

How to Handle a Job Interview at an Unusual Location

Now you might be wondering, should I just go with the flow if an employer wants to meet somewhere weird? The answer is, it depends. Certainly, as a job seeker, your goal is to land a position, so you should show you’re flexible and accommodating. However, you should also always use your best judgment. If a meeting location makes you uncomfortable or gives you the creeps, it just might be a sign that the company and job aren’t a good fit for you.  

Where’s the strangest place you’ve had a job interview? 

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