Working With a Recruiter to Land an Administrative Job

As an administrative professional, you have a lot to offer. Your superhero-like skill set makes you capable of leaping workplace demands in a single bound. You’ve been an essential part of the office support structure for many employers. So why, then, does job hunting seem so difficult? One reason might be that you’re not working with a recruiter.

In today’s employment market, even candidates with superpowers can have trouble getting noticed.

If you’ve been on the lookout for a new position but aren’t gaining any traction, it may be time to partner with a recruiter, who can help you increase your job-search powers.

A force for good

If you’re uncertain about taking this step, consider the benefits of working with a recruiter. A good recruiter can connect you to new people, offer insight on employers, uncover unadvertised administrative job vacancies and provide career advice. Once you have an offer, the recruiter can negotiate your compensation package with the company. Also, it’s in the recruiter’s best interest to make a good match between employer and employee, so you’re less likely to find yourself in a position where you are ill-suited to the job.

The path forward

Once you’ve decided that working with a recruiter is right for you, there are a few steps you can take to find the best staffing firm and form a robust alliance. First, choose a specialized firm that caters to candidates in the administrative field. This will ensure access to more opportunities and a better understanding of the industry.

Then, be clear with your recruiter about what you’re looking for and how your background and skills match your intended administrative job responsibilities. Make sure you’re being realistic about your expectations.

Next, be transparently honest. You’re less likely to find the right opportunity if you fail to share important background information (such as being fired) with the other half of your dynamic duo.

Finally, trust is a must. Trust your recruiter’s instincts and advice, and you’ll not be led astray.

How to be a superhero

You may feel invincible when you start working with a recruiter. However, avoid career Kryptonite by adhering to the laws of being a job candidate superhero. They are threefold:

1. Behave like a pro. Even if you’re tempted to show up to a recruiter meeting in your tights and cape, listen to your inner Clark Kent and opt for business attire. Approach your recruitment specialist with the same respect and deference you’d use with your boss, and you’ll make an impression worthy of the Man of Steel (even if you’re a woman).

2. Do your part. Take an active interest in the job search and train your laser beam eyesight on available opportunities. In addition, keep the lines of communication open with your recruiter. Respond quickly to messages and be sure to explain why you think a position you’re offered is a good or bad fit.

3. Don’t betray your ally. Never bypass your recruiter to deal with the employer. If your recruiter has informed you that an open job is not for you, trust what you’re told. There may be a backstory to which you are not privy.

And there you have it: everything you need to know to show off your super strengths, advance your career goals, secure a sassy sidekick and succeed in job seeking.

What tips do you have for effectively working with a recruiter? Tell us in the comments below.